Friday, November 07, 2008

Sumdood Sighting?

Background here, here, here, and here, amongst others. My encounter is closer to Murphy's, naturally.

I live in a trailer park, hence the name o' this blog. I live in a mostly-unlit trailer park in front of a neighborhood which the fine men at the Bexar County Sheriff's Office have advised me to stay out of after dark.

My daughter goes to school on the other side of town. (It's a charter school, not great, but a much better option than the neighborhood elementary school.) We leave the house about 5 til 6 in order to get to the first of our bus stops in time (it takes 3 busses to get to her school).

Last week I was rather nonplussed by the actions of a deputy sheriff. He was parked up at the front of the trailer park. When we passed, he drove past us about a block down and stopped in the turn lane. When we got even with him, he drove up about another block, block & a half & waited again. When we got even with him, he drove up, turned onto a side street, hung a u-turn, and came back in the other direction. Passed us, drove off.

All this is merely background for this morning:

Bobbie and I are walking to the bus stop. I'm trying to maintain situational awareness. I note when we're even with the furthest-front trailer in the park that there's a person walking past along the actual street. He's some distance ahead of us; maybe half a block.

We get to the bridge that runs over the drainage ditch by the park, and a BCSO patrol car passes us by, hauling ass in the other direction, no lights or sirens but moving fast.

That's when the dude in front of us took off running. Cop went past, dude ran. Looked over his shoulder a couple of times, ran a little faster.

I dunno if my six-year-old and I scared the crap out of him or what, but where I come from (the southern part of the eastern side of this fine city, as opposed to the northern part of the eastern side, where I now live) it's a bad, bad sign that somebody starts running the second they see the law. Especially when the cop is going in the direction the dude just came from.

What's a girl to do under these circumstances? Seriously. I took note of the direction he went, and kept aware of my surroundings as always. Couldn't think of anything else, but when the ambulance went by in the same direction, quite soon after the deputy did, I really had to wonder.


bothenook said...

an airweight S&W in 38 special in the purse, maybe?

Sabra said...

I have looked into concealed carry. The obvious problem I run into: can't legally carry on campus. I take her to school, then take myself to school.

Sigh. I really hope we get a concealed-on-campus law passed soon. I'll be front-and-center at the gun store that very day.