Monday, October 27, 2008

This shit is not funny, yo.

I give you the screenshot because I would not believe it otherwise.

Very funny, God. This is October. In San Antonio.

This is what the forecast for tonight says:

FREEZE WARNING FOR HILL COUNTRY... RED FLAG WARNING TODAY... Temperatures tonight will drop to the freezing point across the Hill country so take precautions... Low's in the city will be in the low 40's... The weather will be nice over the next couple of days... Halloween evening will be nice with temps in the 70's... Paul Mireles

Goddamn, I miss Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

You live near "hill country"... That's awesome. lol

TBeck said...

The funny thing is, that was the same forecast for today's weather in Amarillo!

Before I moved to Texas, I asked someone in Plano about the current weather in the panhandle. He paused, then told me that they were almost three hundred miles apart.

The state's just too big.