Thursday, October 30, 2008

I think I blew my Ethics exam.

If I'm lucky, I will get a B on it. But it will probably be a C. Sigh.

The frustrating part? I knew the material. Had it down pat. The problem was that we had to write three essays in 50 minutes, plus answer several multiple choice questions, so in reality it was, hmm, thirteen minutes per essay.

Which would be great, save it took me thirty to write the first. He gave us an "extra" five minutes once class was over, and it's only because of that that I was able to write anything for the third essay.

I can take getting a poor grade when I don't really know the material. But when I do? Grr. I will probably still get an A in that class, providing I don't face the same problem on the final exam, or a B at worst. But it's my favorite class and I dearly want to do well. I feel so guilty for not being able to turn in three GOOD essays. I got an A on the last exam and a compliment on the essay I wrote for it. Hopefully I'll get partial credit for the 2-paragraph final essay, or perhaps he'll grade them in the order he received them and have been beat down by so many bad essays that mine doesn't seem too horrible after all (I'm not being mean; like I said before almost no one else is enjoying the class, and most of them were gone from the room before I was done with my first essay).

But that's probably sheer fancy on my part.

Oh well. At least I have an idea of how to attack my term paper now. Ten pages on the Kantian view of extreme resusciation measures for premature infants? I'm SO there!

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