Friday, September 12, 2008

Reason number somethin' why I don't support universal health care.

OK, it's not the federal government fucking things up this time, but still...

My child support was never late until the State of Texas got involved.

That is all.


Robin said...

Back when I worked in HR, we received a garnishment order for one of our employees' child support. The guy hadn't been paying it for about six months, and the state was demanding catch-up payments in addition to the regular weekly amount. Since he had four kids, it was a pretty hefty sum.

Thing is, the reason he hadn't been paying the support was that his ex-wife had died those six months ago, and he was raising the children. The government is just not very good at these sorts of things.

Sabra said...

My former brother-in-law still has to pay his ex-wife child support, even though she no longer has custody of the children.