Thursday, September 11, 2008

Read this!

No, not this.

I just finished reading this novel and its successor, Magic Burns. (Clicking on that cover takes you to "Ilonaland".)

I'm a huge fan of urban fantasy, but had passed this over because the synopsis on the back sounded boring. I checked the two novels out at the public library closest to campus last week because I had a total dearth of fiction on-hand to read and these were both there together, and something I hadn't read before.

Didn't hurt that Patricia Briggs (of the Mercy Thompson books, which you should also read) wrote a cover blurb for this book.

The setting is Atlanta in an unnamed future. Magic has come back into the world, and is fighting for supremacy with tech. There are "waves" of both magic and technology; neither works when the other is ascendant. (Save for a few random things like telephones, which work sometimes.)
Kate Daniels is a mercenary of mysterious heritage, and a mage. In Magic Bites, she is trying to solve the murder of her guardian. In Magic Burns she stumbles upon the struggles of a Celtic god to manifest--a premise handled much, much better than I can explain it--while trying to find the lost mother of a teenage girl.

You get all the goodies typical of the genre--witches and shapeshifters and vampires and whatnot. The authors (Ilona apparently is helped along by her husband) have an excellent variation on vampires which I haven't personally encountered before.

There are only two books so far, but it will help fill some of the time until the next Jim Butcher novel comes out.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I just ordered both books.