Saturday, April 12, 2008

It really should go without saying.

I shouldn't have to say it, but I will.

My children are more than a matter of economics.

They are daughters, not child support figures. Or tax deductions. Or entitlement to a portion of my ex-husband's potential military retirement, should he reenlist.

Much as I really want to be left alone to raise my daughters in peace, I don't give a flying fuck if Robert going back into the Navy nets me a "piece of a bigger pie."

Money and health insurance and, verily, even Commissary access are not an adequate substitute for a caring, present father and an intact, working family.

I'll take what I can get. But the next man who talks to me about my children in purely monetary terms is going to get a kick in the nuts. And I'm going to bust open a can of Jeremiah Wright on everybody's ass and say the following: God damn my husband's lawyer for arguing money. God damn the mediatior for telling me I should be content for my kids to almost never see their dad because it means I'd be getting more child support. And if Robert really was voluntarily considering everything from a money standpoint, then God damn him too.


Mark said...

I never ever thought of my kids in a monetary way. Other than how much money I spend of them and how it relates to getting the bills paid. Other than that, my kids are something priceless and irreplaceable to me. anyone who thinks otherwise should be sterilized so they can't breed.

Sabra said...

It may well have been the circumstances, mediation. Talked to Robert briefly yesterday afternoon and found we'd both gotten the impression that the mediator cared way too much about money. I don't think it was him after all, thank God.