Saturday, April 19, 2008


This might be one of those that only certain women can get:

From today's Day by Day cartoon.

I remember that kind of glassy-eyed look on my husband's face back in the day. (Although our running joke was "chocolate and vanilla", because why on Earth would a baby suddenly demand one over the other?)

I've seen a few women with blinkies (and if you don't know what I'm speaking of, be glad) that say something along the lines of "Making breastmilk is my superpower." I've always thought it was a little silly, but I can still identify with it. It's kind of like a Swiss Army boob--food source, drink source, pillow, pacifier, cuddly thingie...and that's just for the kid.

My soon-to-be-ex, if he is to be believed, used to brag on my breasts back on the boat: "Not only are they huge, but they WORK!" (And, being a man, he used to talk up breastfeeding in the classical male way--"You never have to get up at night to feed the baby.")

Sigh. Sometimes you realize the good ol' days were really odd.

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