Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gotta be quick.

One of the things I don't have right now is internet access at home. Actually, I don't even have a computer right now, because my ex walked off with my laptop & the surge bar protecting the desktop didn't. So I come to the library to use the computers & have to dash off entries, which can make for things to be a little confusing, since my mind moves even faster than my fingers.

Dave pointed out in the comments thread of my entry before last that I need to be aware of how I treat my ex the same as he does of how he treats me. He is, of course, perfectly right.

Rob's complaints about how seldom he gets to see the kids have come twice now. One of those times was on Thanksgiving Day. We spent probably half an hour on the phone because he didn't think he was supposed to get the kids at all that day & I was trying to convince him that a) he did and b) I'd like him to come over to my place and spend a little more time with them. For all that he appears to be paying his lawyer a pretty penny, the guy hasn't really told Rob much of anything. One of the first things my lawyer said to me was that there would be a custody/visitation order in place and we'd be free to go above & beyond that to our little hearts' content, so long as we agreed. Rob apparently hasn't gotten this message, & appears to think he's going to get in trouble if he sees the girls too often.

I've got some sympathy for him, but he seems determined to suck it all out in other ways. We have a prohibition on overnight guests, and that same day he called the Bexar County Sheriff's Office because my best friend came over to eat dinner. My best friend is male, and also gay as gay can be, but in any case wasn't violating any part of the court order. This amused me much more than it did the poor deputy sent out to investigate matters, as it was around 40 degrees that night.

So I'm not always in a charitable mood towards my husband.


muse said...

Where lawyers are concerned...you don't always get what you pay for.

Dave said...

I'm glad you could appreciate my thoughts on the situation. None of my business and I surely don't want to give unwanted advice.

Given the situation with the him calling the law for a known Gay guy visiting, I'd say his interest is in just being a dick and nothing more.

Hey, you tried.

Mark said...

My Ex has extremely restrictive visitation rights. However I don't enforce it. She sees the kids as often as she wants to, spend the night at my house 3-4 nights a week, (She sleeps on the couch, NOT my bed) I don't feel right not giving her time with the kids, however she does drive me nuts when she doesn't enforce the rules of my house though.