Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Barack Obama is a Barking Moonbat

Bet you knew that already, didn't you?

Obama leaves some wanting a little more

I'm putting this here because I haven't seen it on any of my daily read blogs, not even Michelle Malkin.

Here's the quote that Sean Hannity's been playing on his show today:

“Now you have narco drug lords who are helping to finance the Taliban, so we’ve got to get the job done there, and that requires us to have enough troops that we are not just air raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there,’’ Obama said.

Campaign spokesman Reid Cherlin said Obama was not endorsing the current Bush policy, which consists solely of air raids and bombing of civilians.

He's an idiot.

I tend to give Democrats a lot of credit when it comes to troop issues, believe it or not. I know full well how poorly the troops were paid back in the '80s (and how comparatively well they're paid now), and also that it was under Clinton that the updating of WWII-era housing finally began. (The issue of turning most if not all of the housing over to private companies is a whole other subject, though. I'll rant about civilian contractors some other time.)

But there's a reason most soldiers and sailors are Republicans, not Democrats. (And my experience has been that the guys hate the few who are liberals, 'cause apparently they never shut the hell up.) And the short version of why is illustrated with the quote above.

Liberals are a bunch of condescending twits; at least the ones in power. And though there are no few Democratic members of Congress who have children/grandkids/nephews & nieces, etc in the military, this condescension quite often manifests itself in dissing the military. It's well known how true this is even in the case of the Dems who have served: witness Jack Murtha & John Kerry.

According to the guy who gave my husband's pre-separation class, approximately 1% of the US population has served in the military. So you'd think they're a relatively safe group to insult. However, this reads as campaign suicide. If it gets any play at all in the national media, which frankly isn't likely. But most Americans realize that our all-volunteer military (can't emphasize that enough) are by & large a group of stand-up men and women, definitely the sort of folk you want on your side. This isn't going to go over well with the "man on the street."

The only explanation I can even think of for Barack Obama? He was born in Hawaii. I've never lived in a more anti-military state, which is a shame as there have been no small number of brave Hawaiians to serve in our armed forces. But in the time we lived there, there was a sit-in at the University of Hawaii to protest a proposed Navy research facility, and an honest-to-God protest outside the downtown Army recruiters' offices. It's the bluest state in the Union (they are very proud of having legalized abortion in something like 1970), and frankly I am surprised by no anti-military statements coming from the mouth of a Hawaiian. (Some other time I'll go into the problems the local workers caused the shipyard.)

(Totally unrelated story prompted by the above anti-liberal stance of most of the military guys I've known: the first class at the second shop Rob worked for on Pearl Harbor was a liberal and virulently anti-Wal-Mart. Some enterprising young man or men obtained a large number of the Wal-Mart smiley face stickers and started putting them up around the shop just to tick him off. I learned of this when my hubby came home with a yellow sticker on his hard hat.)


Mark said...

No comment, otherwise I'd say something that might get me in trouble....

Anonymous said...

Someone accidentally knocked up for the 4th time, living in a trailer park she can barely afford, married to a man so pathetic he managed to get kicked out of the army and still can't find a decent job, ought not to mock anyone.

We're all sitting here laughing at you, you smug dumb fuck. Go ahead. Keep voting for the people who make sure you can barely feed your family. You deserve only the pathetic crumbs they dole out.

Mark said...

Mr., Ms. or Missus Anonymous,

You obviously have no idea what happens in the real world. Here you are mocking Sabra for making the same observation that "I" did. So are you going to say something about me? Are you going to make cutting remarks that are said only with the intent to hurt and to be hurtful? Will you "Mock" the fact that I am disabled? And despite the fact I am disabled I am raising 7 kids on my own. Are you going to "Mock" the fact that I own my own home? Or that I own an RV? Or that I own several vehicles? Granted my RV is 19 years old, my vehicles are 12 and 14 years old. But they're are all paid for. My house is payed for. And I think that the current Democrat leadership, Hillary, Barrack, Reid, Pelosi are so out of touch with reality that they don't have any idea what reality is anymore. The Democratic party in it's current incarnation is beneath contempt in my opinion. What happened to the party of Kennedy and Roosevelt? the majority, not all of them but the majority of the current republican party espouse the ideals of leadership of Kennedy and Roosevelt more than any current Democrat. So excuse me for saying this, but you are an ignorant small minded Cretin, and while you resort to the use of Profanity in a shallow attempt to make your "Political" statement. It shows me you have less education both in the real world and the Halls of Acadame, Sabra has made her point without such use as do I, as the use of profanity shows a lack of vocabulary. So I suggest to you you actually go back to school and learn how to speak as an adult with real adult words. Hopefully you will also actually learn about history while you're there. And you can actually find out the econonomic reality of the democratic and republican parties of the last 35 years. If you wish to continue this discussion in a rational "Adult" ie: Responsible, manner, you can click on my picture and that will lead you to my blog and my e-mail address. If however you wish to hurl insults and profanity, please by all means prove my hypothesis correct, and continue your childish petty tirade here on Sabra's blog.

Sabra said...

Thanks Mark. I learned early on in blogging that folks who hide behind anonymity rarely have anything useful to say.

Mark said...

Anonymous Poster are by far small minded cowards who hide behind thier anonymity as an excuse for thier crass egregious behavior. They cannot make a staement they would be honored to stand up and fight for, because deep down they are a coward. Trust me, this individual is smaller than a tit-mouse, and just as scared of the reality of the political situation, that they lash out at you. I find that Repugnant. Keep up the good work. Hugs to you and the kids.