Saturday, July 28, 2007

I hate dogs.

I'd say that it's equivalent to telling people I'm Hitler, but I've heard tell Hitler loved dogs.

Anyway, I hate dogs. I used to merely dislike them, but after more than a year of living in Hawaii next to folks who'd throw their dog outside whenever it started barking (and it barked a lot), thereby waking my sick and pregnant self up at all hours of the morning, I grew to hate them. It's gotten worse in the trailer park, as for a long time there the folks on both sides of us had dogs. Now the pit bulls I mentioned in my first post seem to be gone, but the three mutts on the other side are still there, and still filling my nights with barking at least three times a week.

There is one thing I hate more than dogs, though, and that is irresponsible dog owners. Do I really need to tell you that we've got more than our fair share of those in the trailer park?

There's a family catty-corner to us that are the nominal owners of a very stupid brown dog. Their ownership doesn't seem to extend towards actually feeding this dog, given how often she steals the food we put out for the cat that's sort of ours (I say sort of as he really belongs to someone else, but we feed him much more often than they do).

Anyway, this beloved family pet had a litter of puppies under the abandoned trailer next door. Nine puppies. Which sometime yesterday she moved under my station wagon, apparently, as Maggie told me she pulled them out into the open. They were back under there today.

Ah, but her owners, her owners love her. They put a Bill Miller's tea bucket filled with water under the back of my car for her. How wonderful of them to realize that my car, which I drive multiple times on the average day, is the perfect, safest place for ten dogs.

I hate people.

I, Maggie, and her two older sons pulled the puppies out from under my car and moved them to underneath our van, which is a big green lawn ornament until we replace the oil pump (c'mon, this is a trailer park, of course we have a nonworking vehicle as a lawn ornament). Hopefully the mama will leave them there.


Mark said...

I'd suggest a call to the local animal control agency. as they are obviously not taking care of the animals, and are allowing the animals to run free where they could be injured they don't need to have the animals. Do they even have a Dog house for them?

Anonymous said...

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Your post struck a nerve I bet??

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