Friday, July 27, 2007

A Big Thank-You to San Antonio's Finest

I done went today and paid my property taxes. Thanks so much, y'all, for not stopping me and giving me a ticket. I really appreciate that. I know there was a time when folks were regularly ticketed for expired registration. I'm not surprised that those days are gone, considering that folks now break the noise ordinance with impunity and I have to be careful not to get hit by drivers using the shoulder of the road as a right turn lane. I'm just glad I benefited from your lowered standards.

I'm really glad we no longer have our stickers on our license plates. When we lived in Connecticut, we had our license plates stolen off the car while we were in a restaurant eating lunch (Blimpie's, & we never went back). I know someone in the trailer park would lift our plates if they'd get anything out of it.

I still owe retribution to the folks who stole my baby swing.

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