Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm pretty much just sick of everyone and everything right now.

I'm sick of Democrats pretending to be legislative process purists, as though they don't also have a history of changing rules to benefit themselves and of legislating via appropriation.

I'm sick of Republicans wanting poor families to be ashamed of accepting government help to feed their kids, as though malnutrition and/or starvation can possibly benefit society.

I'm sick of shitty candidates like Wendy Davis, whose claim to fame is delivering an ultimately useless filibuster against an abortion restrictions bill, because taking over half of your pregnancy to decide to kill your child is perfectly reasonable but wanting doctors performing procedures on women's reproductive organs to have admitting permissions at a hospital isn't. 

I'm sick of domestic violence apologists claiming that so-and-so couldn't have been abusive 'cause they know him and he's such a nice guy, as though someone's public persona is always exactly the same as their private one.

I'm sick of feminists not realizing the double standard inherent in telling men who don't want to be fathers "you should have thought of that before you had sex" while decrying pro-life people for saying the same thing to women.  I'm sick of the fact that there really is no other fair answer, because giving men more say in it comes at the expense of women, and biology has sealed the inequity there.

I'm sick of Democrats getting butthurt over things like Obama being compared to Hitler and poorly 'shopped images of him performing the Pledge wrong. Y'all thought this shit was fine during the Bush years. Suck it up, you whiny bitches.

I'm sick of conservatives claiming that because a minority of blacks call one another nigger that it's OK when white people use the word. Context matters, dammit.

I'm sick of liberal Christians claiming that not wanting the government to be in charge of charity makes you a hypocrite. Jesus did not say "As Caesar does unto the least of these, so you do unto me."

I'm sick of conservative state governments harassing legally married gays as though somehow allowing a lesbian to take her wife's name is less legitimate than a straight woman not taking her husband's.

I'm sick and fucking tired of liberals dismissing legitimate concerns with the ACA as conservatives not wanting poor people to have medical care. I am seeing no small amount of "I got mine" attitude.

Most of all, I am sick of being the token conservative friend of quite a few folks. Either I am being expected to answer for someone else's opinion or I am treated to a healthy dose of what amounts to you're not like those others; you're like a real person, an attitude which would be patently offensive were the others in question an ethnic minority rather than a political one.


Dave said...

Great post!

David said...

I think that sums up how I feel pretty nicely. Thank you.