Sunday, July 14, 2013


DougDoug, who has determined he must be an overachiever in order to fit into our family of girls, has decided that not only will he stand on his own before he hits 8 months, but he has to sprout teeth before he hits 8 months.

Out of almost nowhere, his two bottom center incisors have barely broken through the skin*, and their upstairs counterparts are likely going to join them before the week is out. To make the poor tyke even more miserable, he's also got a little baby Man Cold.**

The combination of these things has led him to be the clingiest baby EVAR today, and prompted the creation of the following...

Gentle Readers, I present to you


*Seriously, what is it about brand-new, barely there, super sharp baby teeth that makes you want to run your finger over them repeatedly? I know they're gonna hurt when he decides to chomp down whilst nursing, but until then I am captivated.

**Man Colds, of course, involve beaucoup whining and throwing oneself around while acting like you're about to die.  Fanning oneself and saying "Lordy Jesus" is optional but highly recommended.

***He's not actually overly attached, of course.  His level of attachment is normal and healthy.  But the way he was holding onto me and staring put me in mind of the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, so I ran with it.

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