Sunday, July 28, 2013

I get the feeling I should post something

And I am mulling over one or two fairly large posts.  But right now I can't find it in me to post about anything.  I'm feeling blah and having the same argument over and over again without any real resolution to it, and that just doesn't make for good blogging unless y'all want to read me whining and I somehow doubt you do.  So I'm putting it off until I can get the fuck over myself.

Also, tomorrow I am going to the funeral of the father of one of my high school friends, with Mark and with Douglas, leaving the kids in the care of my mother.  I will be wearing a dress, and a bra with underwire, for the first time in more than a year.  And interacting with other adults.  It's all very odd.  It's the first funeral I have been to in more than 15 years (the last one was also for the father of a high school friend), and at the same church Paul House's funeral was at, so it shall be an emotional experience for more than the normal reasons.

And hey, look, this almost counts as a blog post.  I'll round it out with a couple of bits of media 'cause bitches love media.

First, the Dave Matthews Band that's been stuck in my head all this past week (the video makes it obvious it was in an Adam Sandler film, and I am proud to say I don't have a clue which one):

I told Doug, who left off his wiggling and fussing this morning to stare raptly at Dave Matthews, that if he learns to sing like that he will have more women than he knows what to do with when he grows up. Or more men.  Whichever.

Speaking of Doug, he has something new to show you:
Little Man popped three teeth through like a boss.

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GreyLocke said...

Actually looks like 4. Next to the bottom one you can see the skin thinning out for another to pop through.

Condolences on the death of your friends father.