Saturday, June 01, 2013

How to tell if your gun is for you...

Inspired by this bit of idiocy, which I came across on Pinterest (it's old, but frighteningly popular, with north of four thousand pins), I have created a handy flow-chart to help you determine whether a given gun is best for a man or for a woman:


Anonymous said...

I agree that the "best gun for a woman" business is bullshit, although I did find it quite amusing that the AR-15 is on that list, considering Joe Biden's previous comments on it. After all, if you can't trust Joe Biden on guns, who CAN you trust? ;-)

Anonymous said...

My wife can't rack the slide of some pistols but prefers our Maverick 88 pump shotgun for home defense.

My daughter in law became a Recoil Junkie after shooting Mosin Nagants.

I know of one female member of the private range that shoots a full size 1911 because she handles that recoil the best.

The best one for a woman? Same for a man; the gun they can shoot most accurately and repeatedly.

Don't let the haters create division where there is none