Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday: Severe Weather Memes

These both appeared on Facebook yesterday, alas without attribution in both cases:

This is the bus which was washed off the road at McCullough and Basse.  Now, as far as I know, only the top picture is accurate--although the busses do have the ability to display the text in the bottom picture, the middle part is clearly BS (all you really have to do is look at the A in the top photo and the middle photo). I'll admit, it got me for a few minutes, and I think it's funny. I know a few bus drivers who'd do something this. (I'm looking at you, Mr. Bell.)

Also, the Spurs did win Game 3 last night, in OT.  Coming from a 16-pt first quarter deficit to win by 11 is pretty damn impressive for a team widely dismissed as "too old and too slow." But I digress...

This one's gonna be my favorite for a while:
Schlitterbahn, for non-locals, is a water park up in New Braunfels. (I think they have a location down on or near the coast too, but don't quote me on that.)  I love that this dude has his bandana on and a beer in his hand.

The Daily Mail did an article on the flooding as well, and being who they are pretty clearly plagiarized a large portion of it, but they did collect a good number of pictures, including one of a guy in a kayak towing a raft full of kids across a baseball diamond, and a few flood meters completely submerged.  You can read the article (or really, just have fun looking at the pictures) here.

We did not have much standing water here, thank God.  Sadly, at least two people did die yesterday. In both cases, it was women who drove into standing water on the road.  Chances are, both were either locals or at least long-term residents.  There's simply no excuse, if you live in San Antonio, to not know where the areas are that typically flood and to avoid them.  That bus up there didn't really have a choice; they have a set route they have to drive, and woe betide them if they take unauthorized detours.  (To its credit, Via did suspend service yesterday.)

Erik told me this morning that he didn't know Basse road could flood that much. My response? "Dude, there's a reason it's called Olmos Basin."

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