Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Some Mid-Week Silliness for You

This commercial holds a special place in my heart, because as much as riding the bus has always been a class issue here in San Antonio, we were car-less for most of my childhood. Also, I watched way too much TV back then.

I feel a sudden urge to crochet a Buppet. I miss those old mascots more than I probably should.  They did sell stuffed ones, I think. I think I even had one at one point, but God knows what happened to it now.

There are still current bus drivers who remember me from when I was a kid, by the way. Not too many these days, but Mr. Bell and Mr. Dugie are still driving.

Oh, and fair warning (which is probably too late--HA-ha!), if you watch that commercial, your brain will be singing "Via via! Via via!" for at least the next 18 hours.

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