Thursday, May 16, 2013

Six months ago

On 15th November, I was the mom of four girls with a baby on the way.  This was a Thursday.  On Wednesday, I had had a midwife's appointment, a non-stress test (wherein I sat in a chair, was hooked up to a fetal heart rate monitor and a contraction monitor, and given a button to push every time the baby kicked), and an ultrasound where the technician said my fluid levels were fine, the baby was head down and engaged, and a little under 8lbs.

I had a c-section scheduled for Monday, when I'd hit 42 weeks.  VBAC patients are not typically induced.

Thursday was spent walking, walking, walking. Nothing unusual. We decided to go to Lulu's Cafe for dinner & by the time I got there I was having regular contractions, each about two minutes apart and a minute long. Now, this had happened before, quite recently, but this was different. How I knew it was real this time remains a mystery (I knew it was real every time I went into labor on my own, and I have no idea how).

A very long story somewhat shorter, shortly after 3 in the morning on the 16th Erik's shocked voice said "It's a boy!" and a very wet critter was put on my tummy.

And my world changed.

I could pontificate on this...But really, most of my readers have kids.  Doug is special and amazing and wonderful, but y'all have special and amazing and wonderful kids.

If you don't know how each kid changes you, how the little ones settle into your world until it is as though they have always been there somehow, it's not something I can explain. If you know it already, I don't have to explain.

As I write this, he is crawling around on the living room floor, fussing. I just put my arms down and said "Come here, Son my sun."  I've been calling him Son-Sun since he was born, I think, and it's so very apt.  I never wanted a boy, but when I had Douglas I realized instantaneously that I wanted him, very very badly.  (Erik can tell you that I spent probably a good five minutes or more right after Doug's birth crying & touching the baby and saying his name over and over again.)

And now I have him. And have never felt more blessed.


breda said...

Someday, Douglas will feel just as blessed - because he has you.

Anonymous said...

"It's a boy!"

...boy, is it ever! LOL. The last six months have been something else. :-)