Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ooh, shiny.

Erik & I decided that this year, come tax refund time, we'd go and buy a gun. Seemed a simple-enough prospect when we made the decision last year. Before the election.


So we got the refund the day before Valentine's Day, but between an odd new work schedule and the ex only randomly picking the kids up for visitation, we hadn't had a chance to really go and look around.

 After lunch today, I suggested a quick trip to Bass Pro Shops.  The last time I was there, the day we got the refund actually, they had next to nothing (and I was waiting on my driver's license renewal anyhow).  Today was much better. After looking at a case full of .22s--including an adorable little compact 1911--I wandered over to the next case and there, in the midst of a butt-ton of overpriced Tauruses, I saw this:

And I saw the price tag, which was barely south of $400.  So I snatched a ticket and a salesperson and grabbed that sucker 'fore it could get away. (I'm guessing they had only just gotten it in, because the clerk initially looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted to look at the Ruger P95.)

I have officially joined the ranks of the first time gun buyers.  I found the 4473 process to be interesting (I did not expect it to be computerized, but that makes a lot of sense, and I noticed they had an extra table set up for them, though it wasn't in use today), if quizzical.  I mean, I can sort of understand the desire to gather demographic information.  What I don't understand is the fact that the form asked for my height and weight and no other physical identifiers.  I mean, this is San Antonio. There are a lot of 5'5" two hundred-mumble pounds women in this city. Maybe it's a lie detector? If I'd tried to pass myself off as 175 pounds, maybe that would have raised a red flag. I dunno, but I found it odd.

So far, by the way, I have yet to become enraged over a parking space, but maybe that requires a CHL.

By the by, we wouldn't have been able to buy this without the government-sanctioned wealth redistribution program tax refund.  So I'm going to declare it bought for me by the most anti-gun Dem I know, and name it after her. (Because I care about her privacy, at least, no sharing the name.)  Thanks, Obama!


Mattexian said...

Always good to get a gun, no matter the occasion! I refer to my tax refund as an interest-free loan to the govt over the past year, that I'm finally getting back.

greg said...

Congratulations. While I have never owned that particular model, I have known a person or two that does, and they have a reputation of being almost as reliable and tank-like as the GP-100 line of revolvers that Ruger puts out. Nothing overly pretty to look at, but gets the job done for years, and years, and years.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on becoming a gun owner !!!

Hope you and Pistolero (and kids) can make it up for the blog shoot.

Would love to have another contingent from 'the south' up for the shoot.

Could you decline to give the demographic information?

Never been to a Bass Pro shop so I don't know.

TOTWTYTR said...

Congratulations on the purchase.

The 4473 is an interesting form. The most interesting part is that the dealer retains them. The ATF is only supposed to come looking for them if they are tracing a gun.

The purpose of the form is to have something to charge you with if you lied on it and then something else happened.

The only real involvement the dealer has with the federal government is when they call in the NICS check. Even at that, the government isn't supposed to keep that information on file.

kx59 said...

You Go Girl.

Melissa said... and my hubby are from NY where they are already taking steps toward (gag) "gun control", and we are doing the same thing when we get our taxes back.

"Thanks Obama" <--- I literally almost peed a little!!

Windy Wilson said...

Congratulations, the P95 is a good gun.
As for using your refund, Kim Du Toit, a blogger from your home state always referred to April 15 as "Buy a Gun Day", aka B.A.G Day.