Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Song: Survivalist Edition

Two songs for you today.  Now, I don't pretend to know the politics of either man, but I do think it's pretty telling that these songs are both from albums that came out last year.  So there is definitely something in the air lately.

The Fat Guy, one of the blogs Erik reads on a regular basis and I probably should as well, called Corb Lund's "Gettin' Down on the Mountain" a possible "Theme Song of Extreme Right-Wing Survivalists," and that may well be the case, what with its refrain of Don’t wanna be around when the shit goes down/I’ll be gettin’ down on the mountain (full lyrics first in line here, 'cause Corb Lund rocks).

This song, by the way, is off Lund's new album Cabin Fever, which of course is fantastic, 'cause it's Corb Lund and he more than makes up for Shania Twain.

Next song is from Chris Knight. Pretty similar song, but a darker take, because it's Chris Knight and he does dark so well he rarely bothers with anything else.  (Lyrics here, though since they're not official I'm not positive they're perfect.)

This is a bit more overtly political.  The reviews for the album it's off of, Little Victories, have all said it's not quite a protest album, but it's close.  (I started to buy Little Victories, but bought his self-titled album instead, because it's the one with "Love and a .45" and "It Ain't Easy Being Me".  Little Victories is going to be my next purchase, though.)  

There's not really a huge point to today's post.  I just found it interesting that we had two such similar songs this past year (I don't know that "Gettin' Down on the Mountain" has been released as a single, but "In the Mean Time" has).  At its best, country music is the song of the common man, and I think both of these pretty closely track the mood on the street as it were.  Nor is it necessarily a partisan thing; pretty much everyone I know on Facebook is getting more into self-reliance.  Something to think about.

Also: I am fairly certain Corb Lund and Chris Knight don't have one bad song between them.  If you're a fan of country music, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out.  Well, probably not if you think Jason Aldean is the shizz, but definitely if you like actual talent and lyrics that work on several levels.  (And if you want to snicker your way through a song, check out Lund's "Talkin' Veterinarian Blues.")

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