Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keep it classy, WOAI

Of course, I have liked my favorite talk radio station on Facebook.  It's a way to keep track of local news stories and a steady feed of things to mock, 'cause these folks frankly aren't too good at things like basic spelling and grammar.

Yesterday brought a link about an apparent effort by gay adoptive parents in Texas to have the terms Parent A and Parent B used instead of mother and father on paperwork for new birth certificates.  Makes perfect sense to me, as when you have parents who are either both men or both women, one of the gender-specific parent names is going to be in error.

Well, I should have learned to stay out of the comments even on Facebook.  But no, brilliant me clicks on them and sees some stupid chick has jumped past the issue of gay adoptive parents right on to gay marriage, and pulled the classic idiot trick of whipping out the slippery slope fallacy.  I took a few minutes to make sure I wouldn't outright call her a fucking idiot and decided to respond thusly:

I haven't actually argued much on the Internet in a while, and I made a joke in my status that I hadn't even been awake half an hour & had already called someone an idiot, and then took this screen cap to stand as show and tell.

And it's a good thing I did.  Seems the fine folks at WOAI don't cotton to having idiots called idiots.  As Erik told me last night right before bed, they chose to delete my comment, something I verified this morning:

Now, of course they get to do this.  Their Facebook page, their editorial control.  Still, I find their decision a questionable one, given that WOAI's entire business model hinges upon the sharing of opinions, including oft-controversial ones.  And I've listened to Joe Pags often enough to know that he insults people on a regular basis.  And, well, they left the comment I responded to that equated a whole class of people with dog-fuckers.

So I thought about it a little bit last night and again this morning, but I've had stuff to do all day today and only got around to saying anything a few minutes ago.  Of course, I screen capped it to share here, and because I'm fairly certain it's going to be deleted as soon as someone from the station sees it, 'cause they're just high class that way.

Me?  I never claimed to be classy.


Maureen said...

Wow, as a regular reader (actually "former reader" now, given that you've deemed me a "fucking idiot") It's nice to see you got severely butt hurt over my comment. "parent A" and "parent B" are you kidding me? I'm not ever going to be progressive enough to embrace that. Ever. Pretty sure you're completely over-reacting to what I said but I make no apologies for it. Enjoy your blog....I liked a lot of what you wrote but obviously won't make it a regular stop any longer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Maureen, but I said it elsewhere and I'll say it here:

Saying gay marriage is going to open the doors to people marrying and having relations with dogs, horses and such are basically saying gay people are on the same level as animals, or at least not on the same level as straight humans. That is seriously not cool. And it not only makes you an idiot, but it also makes you a shitty human being.

Maureen said...

I didn't say that. You are looking for a fight for some reason....obviously, if you're rooting around on WOAI's site. It's pretty conservative overall but surely someone of your intellect knows that. Whatever. It's also hilarious that you call me a fucking idiot, yet your husband calls someone out on that very same thread about "being Christian". Two self-righteous, morally superior folks, living not-so-happily ever after....or are you done being pissed off about the refrigerator he bought?

I went ahead and blocked you and the hubster so you don't have to be exposed to my shittiness. LOL

I could give a shit what you think of me, honestly. I came here to read your fucking train wreck of a life....I can find entertain elsewhere on the internet, trust me. You are JUST as shitty, sweetheart.

Sabra said...

You're, ah, kind of failing at that whole "I hate you and I'm never coming back!" thing, just so you know.

Maureen said...

As I said....train wreck. LOL i'll be leaving now. I figured you were going to spank me some more.

Anonymous said...

Someone who compares gay people to dogs thinks badly of us! Oh noes!