Monday, January 21, 2013

I have finally figured it out!

Barack Obama is Jesus.  For the Left, anyway.

Hear me out.  You may well have known this already, but I just figured it out, and it makes a handy topic for the celebration of Inauguration Day.  (Which isn't actually Inauguration Day; yesterday was.  But anyhow...)

First, let us consider who Jesus is to Christians.  Not merely the son of God, Jesus represents a new Covenant, the fulfillment of the old one, and the absolution of all our sins.

Barack Obama fulfills much the same purpose for Democrats.  He represents   the end of White Guilt.  Sure, there are still black kids falling into gangs and getting shot.  Sure, black people are more likely to grow up in poverty and remain there, black people make up a hugely disproportionate amount of our prison population, black people are still objectified repeatedly in movies and other forms of entertainment, and Black History Month still needs to be a thing because teachers have made zero effort at integrating it into the curriculum as a whole, black women are still frequently treated as fetish objects by white men, black scholastic achievement lags, etc,etc...

But none of that matters anymore.

See, electing (twice, now) Barack Obama means things have changed.  Yeah, all that bad stuff is still there, but it is of no more import than ancient prohibitions against shellfish. 

Barack Obama represents the absolution of white guilt. As long as he is here, the Chronically Concerned no longer have to worry themselves over the plight of the Brown Ones, because we now live in a post-racial society.  It's all okay now.  We've elected a black man to the highest office in the nation, and in so doing we have been saved by our faith, and our works no longer matter.


peter said...

Good job. Others have said he's like Jesus but I've never seen anyone say it quite the way you have. I'm sure Dr King is up in Heaven pleased with how things have gone in the 45 years since his death.
Speaking of Dr King, did you see that today there were five people shot on MLK Blvd in New Orleans after the MLK Day parade?

Dave said...

Sabra, once again, you've nailed it. Why aren't you on the editorial board at the Express-News?