Saturday, December 08, 2012

You know what's neat?

Little man here, who at this point isn't much more than a sentient digestive system, has all the information encoded in his little brain to eventually be able to sit up on his own, and then crawl, and then walk and talk.  There is pretty much nothing that will stop this progression of events, and little needed to help it along.

Whether you believe in God or not, you've got to admit humans are amazing creatures.  I don't know whether it was (to borrow a phrase from an old song) the Spirit in the Sky who made him this way, or millions of years of evolution--or both--but I do know the end result is awe-inspiring.


peter said...

A couple of weeks ago when I was working, I was snipping a sliver of metal off the gasket I was working with. It flew up and hit my cheek about half an inch below my left eye. I didn't even consciously see it but closed my eyes anyway. It's really amazing what the human body can do without us even really realizing what's happening.

BobG said...

Great photo! Is he yawning or squalling?

Sabra said...

He's yawning. He's a laid back baby and does not cry much at all.