Friday, December 28, 2012

One more time, let's review this

The best way to respond to extreme idiocy is probably to ignore it.  You can also try combatting it with facts and logic, if you're in the mood to beat your head against the wall repeatedly.

What you do not do, unless you want to prove the point that you are a shitty human being, is condone sexual violence against the person who has offended you:

Now, I can read that just fine, but Imma quote it for you in case you can't; I did have to zoom out to get the whole thing in the screen shot.  Mr. Resh here said "I bet you her mind will change in .0 seconds when she's about to unwillingly ride the train in an alley while her man is stuck like a pig bleeding Layin (sic) on the ground."  And he was proud to say that publicly.

Nor was he the only one:

That fine fellow, it is worth noting, has produced a son.  One can only hope Junior has a wee bit more sense.

I'm sure there are others, but I am honestly not going to dig through the cesspool of comments on the photo to share them with you.

Let me make it clear: I think the sentiment expressed in the graphic is, at best, stupidly naïve.  It is utter bullshit to challenge a man's masculinity over a weapon.  But you know what?  At least half the dudes in the comments are doing the same goddamned thing:

Y'all, I didn't cut and paste.  Those were all three in a row.  The right rebuttal to "Real men don't carry guns" is not, I repeat is not "YA THEY DO I'M A MAN 'CAUSE I HAVE GUNS AND I WANT TO FUCK THEM."

(Do I really need to tell you there were plenty of "that's gay" and "get in the kitchen and make me a sammich" comments too?  No?  Well, I did anyway.)

Just goes to show there are violent dumbfucks on both sides of this conversation.  Let's shut ours up, okay?

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BobG said...

All those idiots do is make the rest of us look bad.