Tuesday, December 18, 2012


One of my dumber liberal Facebook friends just posted this:

I'm guessing she's never been on a military base.  I have been on quite a few, more times than I can count, and so the lies are obvious to me.  (And yes, I pointed them out.)

Even without that experience though, the fact that this is--to put it nicely--inaccurate as fuck should be obvious to anyone who remembers how to breathe.  I realize it happened over three years ago, and maybe Progressives have memories that are just that short, but damn.  Hasan shot up a room full of unarmed people, and as always was stopped by someone with a gun.

This is what we're up against.  Willful ignorance and stupidity, coupled with an utter lack of critical thinking skills.  I'm not certain if the chick who shared this (who is, for the record, the gal who started blathering about Obamacare when I pointed out the fallacy of Obama's purported support of gay marriage) is really so stupid that she thinks Hasan shot at armed people and they all stood around picking their asses or she just doesn't think, but neither reflects well upon her.


peter said...

Yep. Just because you're in the military does not mean you are armed. I'm sure it's a bit different in the Army, but I know that in.the AirForce pretty much no one is armed. It's just like any other job. You go to work, you go home. You don't have a gun just because you're in the military.And obviously you're right, had those people been armed they wouldn't have just sat there to let the guy shoot them.

Ken O said...

The bong resin kills their memory.

Unknown said...

Military bases are gun free zones. You cannot have guns in military house or carry on base.

BobG said...

Hell, I've known a couple Air Force guys who have been in for twenty years, and the only time either one has ever handled or fired a gun was back when they were in basic.