Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Win or lose...

...the histrionics from Democrats today are hilarious.

Many of us may not think Mitt Romney stands a chance, but Democrats most certainly do.  And, bless their little hearts, quite a few of them honestly believe his election will "turn the clock back 50 years".  (Because 1962 was a horrible year, mmkay?!)

Two meaningless things to consider for today, that make it look favorable for Mittens:

1) The Redskins Rule.  With the exception of 2004, every time the Redskins have lost their last home game before the election--which they did pretty decisively last weekend, from what I've heard--the incumbent's party has lost the election.

2) According to Snopes, Republicans have won every election held on 6th November since, well, Lincoln. Sounds impressive, but that's six whole elections.

No more prognosticating from me; y'all already know how I think it will turn out.  I will probably keep an eye on FB for election results; it's faster than monitoring news sites and at least as accurate.  Since apparently I hate gay people and my daughters, I guess I'll spend the time in between now and then looking for someone else to oppress.

One final thought: the only folks out there more sanctimonious than those of us voting for third party candidates are those railing against the fact that some of us have done so.  We're not just wrong-headed, we're dumb.  I can't do right by my lib friends or my conservative ones, in other words, which means I'm probably doing the right thing for me.

And no, no baby.  Presumably my vote affected that as well.

Since this may be my sole moment of joy for the next four years:
  This is from the ABC News website, by the way.

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