Sunday, September 23, 2012

I just HAVE to make sure this is kept for posterity.

From WOAI's Facebook page (from the format, I'm guessing this is going to be their cover photo):

Now, I know most of my readers actually aren't from here, so I'll crop it enough for you to see the biggest problem:

Those two guys?  Totally not the same person.  Which is kind of obvious when you, y'know, look at them.

(As my ever-so-helpful husband noted, it's also out of order because of this oddness.  Though at this point I would not be surprised if whomever runs WOAI's web presence really does think that 5am comes after 8pm.)

Look, I realize it's Sunday.  And I realize that WOAI, much like the Express-News has for some godforsaken reason farmed out several duties to Houston (including traffic updates, which is made painfully obvious by how they constantly mispronounce street names).  Still, though, you'd think the fact that they put the same name on two obviously-different people would have become obvious at some point--like, y'know, when they initially uploaded the picture and immediately had 10 comments pointing out the mistake--and pulled it before making it their cover photo.  But nope, they went right on ahead and did that:

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Dave said...

Good catch. No wonder Charlie Parker is always so angry.