Sunday, August 12, 2012

You’re not fooling anyone.

Once again I’ve come across the belief that gays would be just fine if they didn’t act so gay.  All the rampant homosexual PDAs are off-putting, this belief goes.  After all, it’s not like straight people display their affection toward their mates and dates in public.

Ahem.  This is bullshit.  And I am not going to let bullshit fly just because it comes from my side of the aisle.

There’s plenty wrong with this particular cowpie, but I’ll start with the obvious: straight people don’t regularly display their affection in public, and on the off chance they do, they’re censured.  Yeah, no.  I am straight.  I have been married twice.  I know damn good and well that I can stop and kiss my husband on a public street, and so long as I’m not blocking the sidewalk no one will care.  Hell, every Sunday that I go to church, I kiss my husband during the Peace, and it’s 100% acceptable as long as I don’t slip him tongue.  I can and have stood in lines with Erik’s arms wrapped around my waist and no one batted an eye.  Because these are normal signs of affection for a couple.

So what about these homosexual displays of affection?  Am I to believe that gays regularly dry hump one another in public?  Again: bullshit.  I know gay people.  I spend a fair amount of time around them.  I know a few restaurants around here that are gay-owned and I patronize them regularly, so I have been surrounded by queers on a Friday night.  And nothing goes on among the gays that does not go on among the straights.

But! But!  You’ve seen these pictures of gay men sucking face at rallies!

Look, if you can’t tell the difference between activism and daily life, go sit in the corner and eat paste and leave running the world to the grownups, mmkay?  The Leather Daddy at the Pride rally squeezing his boyfriend’s ass is the political and moral equivalent of the guy at the Second Amendment rally with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder.  Yes, it makes people uncomfortable.  That’s the whole goddamned point.

Why should they get to do that?  Because fuck you, that’s why.

It is beyond pathetic that we, as grownups, are telling other grownups to quit acting like we act.  It’s even worse that some of us are lying about it.  You don’t like seeing guys kiss in public because it makes you uncomfortable, not because it’s any different than what straight couples do.  I have just as much sympathy for that attitude as I do for the folks who whine that open carry should be illegal because it will make people feel uneasy.

Life is uncomfortable.  Get used to it.


Suz said...

Great post, but I quibble with the title. Unfortunately they are fooling A LOT of people.

peter said...

I don't wanna see people making out or grabbing ass or anything else in public, whether gay or straight. It just annoys me. I don't even like long kissing scenes in movies, but I'm weird I guess

Larry said...

Making law because "it makes me feel icky" isn't good jurisprudence. Too bad we (as a nation) haven't fully grokked this concept.