Thursday, July 19, 2012

Overanalyze much?

One of the mamas on a message board I belonged to linked to this blog post: Why I Don't Soak Grains.  It's not the subject matter I find blogworthy, it's the...Well, the very strange attitude she took toward writing the blog post, as evidenced in the post itself:

Aside from the extra burden of soaking grains, I felt somewhat of a spiritual burden…I actually felt like God wanted me to research this topic and see what there really was to say so that I could tell people about it. You know what?  I told God no. I told him I wouldn’t tell people that I didn’t soak grains…and I wouldn’t tell them that for me it was somewhat of a spiritual issue.

You know why I said no? I was afraid. I told Barry that people would burn me at the stake…I’d get lots of nasty comments and people would shun me.  I was scared to go against the flow. I’ve done tons and tons of reading on the subject – hours and hours of time. I’ve found that while I have no issue with people that want to soak, if you ever mention that you don’t do it, the comments are not so nice – it’s almost like people-bashing.
It's not just the oddity of viewing preparation of grains as a religious issue.  It's the "people would burn me at the stake...people would shun me.  I was scared to go against the flow."

Over, again, a dietary issue.

That outlook is so alien to me, I have a very hard time believing she's not being self-aggrandizing on some level, although I've been assured by people who actually know her that she's a great lady and in person not at all hung up on getting it "right".  And she does sound sincere.

But still?  Fussing over whether to post something because most of the people in your little corner of the blogosphere may disagree with you?  I don't get it.  I guess that's one of the best aspects of hanging around cyberspace with a bunch of libertarians.  Divergent views are expected, and even if we may worry about the reception of a particular post, we keep it to ourselves instead of whining to the Internet about it, or pretending that we're being brave in something we type out.

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JD said...

And the AR-15 with the 100 rd mag jammed, so he couldn't use it. . . so again the evil black rifle that looks bad did not play much into this. I wonder if these folks would have been happier if he used the bombs he obvious could make to kill the folks instead of a gun. . . sorry, dead is dead it is only the tool. We need to figure out how he planned this out for so long and so well with no one getting a hint about it or stopping him.