Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Internet, I am disappoint

I was skimming Legal Insurrection tonight and came across this post on what's apparently a faked hate crime (sadly not uncommon--didn't we see a fair amount of that last Presidential election?)

Because I am easily distracted, this caught my eye:
Please note the underlined.

One thing I learned in my Groton days is that Hartford's paper is the Courant.  Jacobson seems to have translated the paper's name.  I didn't check Instapundit, so perhaps this error was replicated from there, but when you're inserting a Courant.com link into your blog post, maybe that should be a clue.

Anyway, as I usually do when I encounter this sort of error, I went immediately to the comments section to see how long it took someone to correct him.  This is the Internet; we love to prove people wrong!


Twenty-six comments, and no one pointed out the blazingly obviously error (which hints to me that no one bothered to click through and read the linked article).  I was shocked.

Then again, given that this is the general tenor of the comments on the post, perhaps I should not be surprised:

Teaching evolutionary principles promotes low self-esteem, which engenders self-hate crimes.

Unfortunately, the natural order is the defining order and not an article of faith as is evolution, God, etc.

That said, it’s interesting to consider that several thousand years ago, God’s order was recorded, and we have since confirmed that it is compatible with the natural order. Perhaps Darwin was not the first human being to recognize evolutionary principles in practice.
The stupid is strong in that one, eh?

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Dave said...

I'm no brain surgeon, I admit, but I read that thing two or three times and still was lost.

That comment was a self-hate crime inflicted upon us all!