Sunday, June 17, 2012

Late Sunday night music

THIS is how you do a "where I'm from song."  Note there's not one damn mention of a dirt road.

Edited to add: On that same note, I find this a far more palatable Christian song than the crap I've been hearing for the last decade or so:

Edit Number Two: I've been sitting here listening to Don Williams songs on YouTube since looking up the first one and finding the second. Did you know Williams recorded a version of "Louisiana Saturday Night"? There's probably a reason for that, but it was funny.

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BobG said...

I also liked his stuff when he was with the Poco Seco Singers in the early and mid sixties; a lot of it is more folk than country.

This was always one of my favorites that they did.
Whenever I hear this song I think of my wonderful wife.