Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is agenda THAT important to these people?

Saturday in Portland, TX (close to Corpus Christi, apparently), two teenage girls were found shot in the head in a park; one of them died.

Here's the Corpus Christi Caller-Times article on it:
Homicide investigation in Portland: Two women shot, one survives

Now, this is a horrible thing.  Unless there's something really, really wrong with you, it's immediately obvious that this is a tragedy.  A very young woman (19-years-old) was murdered, and it seems that police don't have much to go on:

“We have no motive for the shooting at this time,” Wright said.

A resident who lives adjacent to the park told police they heard two loud bangs just before midnight Friday but thought they were firecrackers, Wright said.

Investigators believe at about that time the women walked with their assailant down a trail into knee-deep grass, where they were shot with a large caliber handgun, Wright said.

Evidence didn’t indicate whether the women were with a man, woman or more than one person, he said.

“It’s marshy down there, and the tall grass didn’t allow any identifiable footprints.”
But this is just not enough for some people.  They have to shove their own political agenda to the forefront.  Keep in mind the previous headline, and check out this one, from Jezebel:

Teenage Lesbian Couple Found in a Texas Park With Gunshot Wounds to the Head

Of course, anyone who has bothered to read this blog for more than, say, a week realizes I'm a huge supporter of the gay community.

But here's the thing.  There is currently zero indication the crime had ANYTHING to do with the sexuality of these girls.  The article admits as much, and in fact says

Meanwhile, friends of the couple can't understand why anyone would do this. Samantha Garrett, Olgin's roommate, said that the girls hadn't gotten any harassment about their relationship, and she couldn't think of any reason anyone would want to hurt them.
These women weren't gay rights activists.  I've heard no indication that Corpus is a particularly dangerous area for homosexuals, so while this could be a gay-bashing incident, it probably has a lot more to do with the targets being young college students with no good way to defend themselves.  Fuck Jezebel and their decision to reduce these girls to nothing more than what they liked to do with their genitals.  Last I checked, that was a supposedly feminist website, which makes the sexual objectification of a murder victim and a critically-wounded woman even more disgusting.

We are more than the sum of our parts.  We are far more than the kind of sex we like to have.


John A said...

Hezebel gas an abenda, after all - though this is too much.

What I found poor taste from the firts article -
"Residents drove along the park’s three-block Second Avenue perimeter throughout the afternoon craning their necks to look past police crime tape..."
One of those things I can sort-of understand, but find creepy.

Sabra said...

The comments in the story on the Corpus paper's website are worse in a weird way. Lots of rambling about the economics of Portland, as though having a high median salary protects you from homicide.

breda said...

"We are far more than the kind of sex we like to have."

Yeah, please tell that to the gay community. Most of it, anyway.

Mark said...

That is only 12 miles from my house. I still dont know what all is exactly going on with the case. The LE friends I have aren't talking which is a little strange, normally they will talk and talk until your ears bleed but not this time. I'll post any news I can get but right now even the press isn't getting many answers.

Mark said...

Posted with some updates and further commentary on my blog.