Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Photos, Days Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three: Where I Work & My Shoes

No real excuse for yesterday.  I didn't really have anywhere to work.  I have been meaning to set up a work station, though, so I went ahead & got that done today, when I had the chance:


OK, it's really cheap and dirty, but with luck this will prompt me to treat both my schoolwork and my writing as though it's really important to me, since it is.  Well, my writing is, anyway.  It's just a $35 folding table from Wal-Mart.  I bought a black folding chair & a cushion for about $15 total.  So...$50 later I have a sturdy, serviceable (though not fancy) setup.

Now I just need to buy some printer ink.  Which I totally would have done today, had my mother bothered to tell me we were out of black ink.  We don't print often, but often enough, apparently.

Today's photo...My shoes.  Remember this post, and this one?  The reason I blogged about shoes on those occasions is because I was doing something unusual for me.  Buying shoes.  I don't do it often.  This is because I hate wearing shoes.  Unless it's really really really cold, or I am at the gym, or I am dressed up, I wear sandals.  I buy one pair of sandals and wear them until I can't anymore.

These are the sandals:

I have had them for about a year now. Yeah, they're getting pretty worn.  Most of my Walking the East Side posts were photographed while wearing those sandals.  They have a lot of miles on them, for all that I only wear them when I have to.

I actually looked into getting another pair while at Wal-Mart tonight, but I couldn't find any close enough to these.  There's one particular brand, Earth something-or-other, that I always buy because they're good for walking.  Most sandals, especially women's sandals, have thin soles and become uncomfortable very quickly.  This brand has good support and you can wear them to walk in for miles and miles and miles without them becoming uncomfortable.  It's really quite impressive.  Even within this brand, though, I am picky, because I want slip-on sandals with nothing across the heel, and I don't particularly like thongs.  So it's hard t find them to suit me.  I hope to find another pair closer to these soon.

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English Geek Girl said...

Okay, those sandals have to go. Skechers have some great walking sandals and so do Earth Shoes (many styles) not sure of your budget.

I love your workstation. It is all about the writing and the dedication and less about what it looks like. Yea for you!