Friday, February 03, 2012

February Photos Day Three: Hands

Today's picture was not easy to get.  Every time Marie sees the iPod, she wants to play with it, not let me take a picture.  So there was no pretty hand-in-hand picture like I wanted.  Given that things were already blurry, I decided to go ahead and load it up in Pixlr and play around.

The hands in the picture are two of my girls'--Bobbie and Marie.  Oldest and youngest. 

They are more similar than you might expect, for all that there is about a nine year age difference between them.  Because Marie's Erik's child, she is a beginning in and of herself (well, every child is).  Because it had been five years since I last had a child before she was born, and because things change so much, I very much felt like a new, inexperienced mom when I was getting ready for her.

Bobbie being such a good person naturally, she is an excellent big sister.  It was Bobbie at whom Marie was pointing when she said her first word--"Zizzy!"  It is Bobbie to whom Marie goes first, and most happily.  (Well, other than me.)  It's really something to see the two of them together.

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