Sunday, February 05, 2012

February Photos Day Five: 10 o'clock

I actually lucked out on this.  Ten AM happens to be the time we get up on Sunday mornings.  So there are quite a few pictures from today.  (As usual, I had way too much fun with Pixlr, except for the first photo.)

The funny coloring on this comes from taking an iPod photo in a dim room.  That's a sleeping Miss Marie for you.  She was snuggled up this morning with her back to me.  Poor thing kept coughing on and off during the night.  Not bad, but like she has post-nasal drip.  She finally crashed hard around 7 or so, so she did not wake up for the alarm at 10 this morning.

Here's another (this time, edited) photo of her.  When I got up, she rolled over into my spot.  Like all babies, she's happiest when she can take up as much of the bed as humanly possible.

Now, I really thought that turning on the light to get this picture would wake the older three up, but no.  You will also notice all three are hibernating under the covers.  This is because it got down into the low 40s last night, but for some reason they slept with the fan on high.

Bobbie, giving me her best "eat shit and die" look.

Linda doesn't fuck around.  She's under the blanket even with her head.  She is as bad at waking up in the mornings as I am.  When I started talking to roust them all from bed, she was surprised by my presence.

There was a nice bit of Schadenfreude in this morning's wake-up call.  Typically, it goes the other way around on weekends.  The chill and the rain we've been having conspired to keep everyone abed.

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