Sunday, January 01, 2012


I actually don't make a habit of making January resolutions, but I've been thinking about doing so this year. There are a few things I want to accomplish, & public failure is always more entertaining (see my NaNoWriMo attempt, which almost worked). So, what the hell; I'll make 'em and share them here, in order to once again prove I'm not one of the cool kids who shuns such things.

And so:

2012 Resolutions


  • Keep track of all the books I read, including fiction, non-fiction, & Kindle ebooks. Post a monthly list on the blog.

  • Finish everything in my UFOs basket. Don't start anything new until I'm done. (This last part will be the hardest.)

  • Quit drinking my calories, with perhaps monthly exceptions for good beer or hot chocolate from McDonald's, & try to limit even that. I used to be very good about this, but last year I really screwed up. Damn McCafe and their yumminess.

  • Limit sweets/candy to twice a week, with the goal of getting it down to once every two weeks. This is something else I used to be very good about, but I lost the habit while pregnant with Esther. Yes, that long ago.

  • Work on limiting restaurant meals, with the goal of getting it down to only twice a week. I hate cooking breakfast and lunch, so this one will be hard. And yes, I realize twice a week sounds like a lot, but I do not want to abandon Wednesday night dinners out with the girls, or Sunday brunch dates with Erik.

  • Outline at least two of the three novels I have in my head, prioritize them, and get started on writing. November showed me that I can write every day if I make a point of it.

  • Go back to eating whole grains only as much as is practical, and limit myself to low-GI foods in general. Yet another dietary practice I used to have down pat.

  • Practice organization. This doesn't come easily to me, so I'm going to look on it as a work in progress.

  • Work on becoming a better parent: establish clear routines in regard to chores and bedtimes, learn to let shit go, more park outings (at least weekly), that sort of thing.

  • Potty train Marie. Shouldn't be too hard: she is kid number four, after all, & I've moved down the age of potty-training with each successive child so far. As long as I'm done with it by the time she's two, I'm considering it a success.

  • There. I know you're supposed to concentrate on just one or two things, and that's a fairly long list, but ah well. I'm going to see what I can do. It should all be achievable, except maybe for the organization thing, seeing as how so much of it is stuff I used to do. I'll give I guess monthly updates, which will hopefully help me keep on track.


greg said...

Those are some good ones...I'm totally with you on 'drinking the calories'...if I changed nothing other than making crystal light the only thing I drank, I'm sure I could lose 20 pounds this year.

Dave said...

The good news is, even if you knock out just a few on your list, you'll have been very successful resolution-wise.

I really like that idea about the drinking calories. I should probably reduce my coffee intake, considering I use lots of cream. Perhaps I can limit myself to a pot of coffee a day. And I usually stop at Bill Miller on the way home for an iced tea (half & half) which is probably loaded with calories. And then sometimes I drink one of those Arizona Arnold Palmer half-lemonade half-sweet tea things - that has to be really bad, but oh so good.

I should just face it; you have a better chance at your list than I do.

breda said...

I cut down on drinking calories, except for beer. And to offset THAT calorie cost, I hardly ever eat bread anymore. When I want a sandwich, I use a high fiber whole grain wrap. It's been an adjustment but it's worked!

Have a great 2012!