Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Never a dull moment…

I mentioned before that we're back in the trailer park for a while. Well, this place is just as weird as ever. Case in point:

Yesterday morning, we were awoken by the owner of the park banging on our door. Seems someone had cut open the gate of the shop up front and stolen the trailer his DeLorean was on.

Note that I did not say "stole his DeLorean".

See, what they did was drop the car back behind the back row of trailers, about as far back as they could get. There are only two trailers in this row, and they dropped it at the other end. We didn't hear anything, or if we did, we didn't mark it as unusual, because weird shit happens all the time. I looked out the window a couple of weeks ago when I heard a funny noise and there was a flippin' 18-wheeler slowly driving by. So I pretty much ignore funny noises.

The gal in the other trailer, though, did see them--but of course at the time didn't realize what was going on.

Well, they came back this morning, apparently around 0300, & spent about three hours here working to steal a big gooseneck trailer that was in the field back behind this row of trailers. (There's a lot of random stuff back there, & the dirt roads are blocked off by huge piles of dirt and/or what appears to be the housing for sewage pipes. Due to the rain, the ground is muddy and soft, so much so that one of the cars involved in the brawl here yesterday afternoon got stuck. I only wish I was making that up.)

Now, I did hear an engine this morning and remember thinking muzzily that I really ought to look outside and see what was going on, but surely it could not be more chicanery a second day in a row, & so I went back to sleep. Clearly, I am not the person you want protecting your property. Not when I'm running on only a few hours' sleep, anyway.

So they almost got away with it. Unluckily for them, the woman next door is an early riser, and THIS time she knew what was going on, & so called 911. Apparently property theft interests the BCSO more than a brawl, because they came right out and caught the bad guys red-handed.

It might relieve you to know that the beer truck was never in danger.

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Dave said...

Interesting. The kids seem to be thinking, "If only we had a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity..."

Or maybe not.