Thursday, November 03, 2011

Those of y'all who read my husband's blog

He hasn't posted much lately 'cause he's been sound asleep or away from home gettin' shit done every minute he's not at work.  Third shift, by the way, is a bitch.  He's in the home stretch of training for the new job, which means an extra 15 minutes at work each day AND is fixin' to translate out to working 8 days without a day off.

We wound up buying a Durango on Tuesday.  Not a planned-for purchase, but the truck smells funny & was starting to steam out the vents AND the plug on his blog is a result of yet another freeway blowout, so it was either keep pouring money into the truck or get something with no problems that everyone actually fits in, so we went with that since we were able to put a substantial down payment on it.

Can't tell you exactly when he'll be back at it, but he got hisself a portable magic elf box free on upgrade and maybe I can browbeat him into downloading a Wordpress app (there is such a thing, right?) and blogging on his lunch break or something.


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad he (and everyone else) are okay, especially after other events this week.

Please give him my regards. And I'd still like to get together for barbecue at Cooper's once things settle down and we can set a time for it.

BobG said...

Thanks for letting us know; I was getting concerned about him.
Life comes first. He is rightly taking care of his family first and foremost, as is proper. We'll be here when he gets a break.

kx59 said...

Having to buy a vehicle under "duress" is no fun. On the brighter side, having too much work is a much better problem to have than not enough.

Tam said...

"...having too much work is a much better problem to have than not enough."

What he said.