Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey, I can do that too!

Of course, you've seen this.  It's one of the sillier manifestations of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Pictures of people with signs they made talking all about their woes.

I got to thinking, hell I can do that too!

So I did:

I realize most of that is probably hard to read, so I'll transcribe it for you:

I chose to not go to college right away.
I chose to have kids starting at age 22.
I chose to stay at home with them.
I chose to major in English.
I chose to have a fourth child while still in school.
I am strongly considering dropping out of school to become a doula, a job which will net probably $500/mo.
The 1% owe me NOTHING!
More gov't is not the answer!

Not my most eloquent, sure, but it fit the medium.


Bob S. said...

Well Said !!!


skippy said...

To be perfectly fair, and awful lot of those signs that I have read have people in bad shape through no choice of their own. They didn't manipulate the economy into a crash, clash their companies benefits, or raise their insurance premiums. I don't think the issue is the amount of government so much as making sure it's the correct government. I mean government is just a tool, like fire, guns, drugs, or computers. It's not intrinsically good or bad. How it's used and the quality of the people using it is usually the problem.

Sabra said...

From what I have seen, they are at best evenly divided. At best. No, you cannot anticipate your child getting cancer or the company you've worked at for 40 years folding, but it's not unreasonable to expect people to realize that attending an out-of-state private university costs a LOT more than attending a public university where you live, and that if your desired future career isn't a high-paying one, perhaps you should reconsider things. The Occupational Outlook Handbook has been around for a LONG time.

And you are right: government is a tool. However, when I and most others I know talk about it, we're discussing the people who make up a government. It is much shorter, for instance, for me to rant about CoSA than to list out the mayor, city manager, city council, etc. If you look at the tool itself, that is laws and regulations, yes? Written by people. I suppose I could use the analogy of a knife--the tool stands to be useful, but the person holding it might never sharpen it and might use it improperly, leaving the tool next to useless for the next person to pick it up.

Really, I'd like to see some anger directed at the education system. How many high school guidance councilors sit a kid down and say "I'm really glad you want to study Psychology, but be aware that in order to get a decent job in the field you will have to have at least a Master's Degree. And then you will be a social worker making $50 grand a year. So don't think you need to study this at Rice University."