Friday, September 23, 2011

That says more about you than you realize...

So, this morning on FB I saw that several of my friends shared the following:

Here's a link to the story: Gay soldier booed at GOP debate; candidates stay mum.

These friends were outraged, and rightly so.  Who the fuck boos a soldier?  Especially one currently in Iraq?

I can hear you now: "Democrats, that's who!"  And, well, you're right.  Of course, it should go without saying that not all Democrats do this, which is why I'm saying it:  not all Democrats boo active-duty soldiers.

And, well, Republicans don't make a practice of it either.

In fact, I will go so far as to say the debate audience wasn't booing the soldier who asked this question.  They were booing the question.  Which, yes, is childish.  But not anti-military, which is what The Hill (and other left-leaning websites) wants you to think.

Freud had a term for this--projection.  If someone boos after a question is asked, and you assume it's aimed at the questioner rather than the question...well, that says a whole lot about you, but very little about the people actually doing it.


Dave said...

What is this whole booing thing anyway? When we attended the UTSA football game several weeks ago in the Alamodome, people booed the opposing team as they entered the stadium. WTF? Boo a bad call or unsportsmanlike play, but to be booed simply for being from the other team?

And why even boo a question (much less the person asking the question) at a speech or a debate? If the response is bad, boo that.

People just don't have any manners.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any evidence for you claim that "the debate audience wasn't booing the soldier who asked this question. They were booing the question"? It seems that, unless you were the person, or knew the person, who was doing the booing, it's impossible to discern their motivation for doing so.

skippy said...

@ Anon - If you watch the video in question it's painfully obvious that it is just a few people booing, no where near the number that were attending. All it demonstrates is that there were a few assholes present, which can be said of any group of people regardless of political, religious or sexual orientation.

@ Sabra- Not sure about your "question" conclusion. I watched it, and the context made me think that they were booing the soldier. As far as what that says about me, I think it says that I have objectively observed that a majority of the anti-gay folks in this country currently support Republicans. Not exactly a revelation.