Sunday, September 04, 2011

(belated) Saturday Munchkin Blogging #11 (?)

Ah, I am losing track of this thing.  And being lazy about getting it up, which is obvious from the way it's Sunday.

Anyhow, here are a couple of photos I took with Erik's webcam & posted on Facebook yesterday; they turned out to be pretty popular with my friends there and so I figured to share them here as well.

Just minutes before I took this photo, she was trying to choke me.  Arms wrapped around my neck, squeezing, the whole bit.  She's a very affectionate baby.  And very physical.  This is a dangerous combination.

She will also chew on my clavicle.  I haven't quite figured that one out yet.  Makes her teefs feel better, maybe?

Not sure if I've mentioned this, but she is now a toothed baby.  She has two little teeth just a couple of centimeters above the surface of her bottom gum.  She cut them at almost the same time, no fussing involved.  (Then again, the whole family was sick the week before I found her teeth, so it's entirely possible that teething fussies were masked by sickies.)

This is Marie in a nutshell: cutting two teeth at once, a certainly physically painful process?  Meh.  She's okay.  Fill her diaper with rank poop?  She'll just sit there 'til the smell works its way through my under-functioning nose (it was just the one time), happy as the proverbial clam.

Yet if I have the temerity to think I can, oh, go pee without her, she will flip her shit.

To recap: Physical pain/discomfort?  Meh.  Do something she doesn't want? RAWR!  She's my mini-me. *snif*

This photo was taken in between attacks on the webcam.  I love the devilish look on her face.

She looks quite a bit like Erik in this photo.  Marie has her daddy's smile.  She will wake up in a good mood and look for something to shred.  I am always reading that boys are more physical than girls.  My girls missed that memo.

Oh, and you can't tell from this photo, but her hair is actually light brown/dark blonde.  I have failed yet again in producing a brunette child.  So much for brown being the dominant.  Still, I hold out some small hope; my mother told me that's the color my hair was when I was Marie's age.

Dig the wall behind her.  I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for it.  Alas, I have no clue what that explanation might be.  We've been staying with my mother since yet another bizarre electrical issue at our house (and, yeah, we're outta there; I'll explain it later).  She just moved in this place.  She still lives in the 'park; this trailer was previously inhabited by our old landlord; he and his just bought themselves a house in Sunrise.  (Hey, they haven't had a drive-by there in like three weeks.)  I shudder to think what occurred here to prompt holes in the wall and subsequent duct-tape repair.  They're dog people.

Speaking of pets, turns out Marie is terrified of cats.  I blame it on Erik's faulty DNA.  I have no idea what the issue is; she was sitting on the kitchen floor here and one of my mother's cats padded up near her (about a foot away) and she freaked out and started crying.  Since then, she will lean over and stare at them, and has even patted Mr. B a time or two, but she's still pretty frightened. 

Strange baby.

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