Thursday, August 18, 2011

I know this is old, but I gotta

Because I'm the sort of wild child who likes to mix my social bookmarking tools, I was Stumbling around Tuesday night looking for stuff to Pin, and I came across this: Mighty Meaty Nachos (with homemade tortilla chips!).  The recipe is from Jan 2009, but I just have to comment on it because as a San Antonian I am a born protector of the True Nacho (nachos were invented in Mexico for San Antonians; we're the ones who started making them here)*.

And this is an abomination worse than beans in chili.  There's so, so much here to pick apart, from the breakfast sausage to the Velveeta, to the tortilla chips made with flour tortillas. But one ingredient in this recipe outshines all the others as a horrific mockery of what nachos are and should be. What is it?  Well, just look at her picture of the ingredients:

Do you see it?  It lurks off to the right, behind the "cheese" and beside the tortillas: CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP.

ZOMG!  People, this is the reason the weather has been so fucked up.  It's not Obama, it's that lots of someones--judging by the 50+ comments--are putting cream of mushroom soup in their nachos!  This is the Mark of the Beast, y'all.  For reals.

*Or, at least that's the way the Express-News tells it, and if we can't trust them, whom can we trust?

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BobG said...

The only ingredient worth a damn in that bunch is the Rotel.