Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Let me get this straight


is acceptable but this


Por que why, Orange County?

Look, to be honest, I find both of these things offensive, but that's on me: I don't go to "breastaurants" of any stripe.  I can sort of understand where this is coming from, since there is a fine line to walk between cafe and strip joint, but as long as three quarters nekkid women aren't lounging in the windows, really what's the fuss?  Is Betty Jo Soccermom really going to look at this sign
and not realize it isn't the best place to take Junior for an after school hot chocolate and muffin?

According to the article there were other issues, such as converting arcade games to illegal gambling machines and possible gang activity, but somehow I doubt either of those were legal before the ordinance was passed.  How about dealing with problem establishments through extant legal channels and leaving everyone else the hell alone?


BobG said...

" isn't the best place to take Junior for an after school hot chocolate and muffin?"

It might be, if you are trying to jump-start puberty. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeesh. Like I said, if that's how they think they have to dress to bring people in at Hooters, the food there must be phenomenally bad.

Dave said...

The lady in the second photo (I would say the non-Hooters lady, but obviously, not a good description) really needs a hairnet if she is going to be be filling the glasses of juice,

greg said...

Well, it's acceptable because the one on top provides fermented wheat juice, and the one of the bottom looks like she's serving Iced Tea, or non-fermented juice.

Personally, in my world, both would be not just acceptable, but mandatory.

It's kind of the same things that they are going through up here with our bikini/lingerie latte stands. With names like Espresso Gone Wild, Naughty Latte, and Bombshell's, it's not like they are hiding what they are...