Thursday, June 23, 2011

True Story

So, last night we were lying there in bed, having just turned out the light, when I heard a funny noise.

"Erik," says I, "what is that noise?  Do you hear it?  It sounds almost like rain, but it's not supposed to be raining.  Maybe the neighbors are watering their lawn.  No, it sounds like maybe someone turned on the faucet that's by the living room window.  Honey, go look out the window and see if you can tell what it is.  Or give me my glasses and I'll look."

So Erik slowly levered himself up and out of bed, quite likely cursing me under his breath, and went and looked out the window.  "Aw, I can't tell what it is."

I sat up and grabbed my glasses from the window sill on my side of the bed and looked outside.  Near as I could tell, it looked pretty normal.  "Well, it's not raining."  I went over to where he was standing and looked outside.  Still couldn't see any rain, but the driveway was wet.  What the hell?

"I'm going to go take a look outside."  So I put on a dress and went and opened the front door and heard that sound again.  Holy shit, it is raining!  I stepped outside and stood on the porch for about a minute, just feeling the rain, and then it dawned on me the truck was open.  I went back inside and got the keys from Erik and went and closed everything up.  (Yes we leave it open.  I mean, shit, not like there's anything else in there to steal now that the stereo's gone.)  And then I walked very slowly back to the porch, stepping in honest-to-God MUD, and stood there on the porch a little bit more before going inside to comfort Marie, who somewhere in all of this had awoken to discover that her milkies were GONE.

So that's the story of how it rained and I didn't recognize what it was until I got wet.  In my defense, it was raining very softly at that point; I think the funny sound was it pouring off the eaves, and it was intermittent because there just wasn't that much.  I am not sure when was the last time we got any real rain; about a week before the girls got out of school it drizzled some, but that stuff honest-to-God evaporated before it ever hit the ground.  Even last night I barely got damp.


Charlene said...

What a blessing. You guys need rain, I'm sure.

Here in Louisville KY we've had rain every day since June 6 and that's why the grass in my lawn has turned to a meadow with blooming clover etc. It's got mowed late this afternoon. Yaa.

Last night we got 3 tornados but not where I live in the city. We also got 3 inches of rain where I live and Lenny was visiting. When he heard it coming in a downpour he said, boy that sounds nice. I said I dare you to go out in that naked. He did. Such an adventurous fellow. I stood by the glass door and watched and handed him a towel when he came back in. SMILE.

kx59 said...

We're 15" behind in rainfall in the Houston area. We had just shy of an inch of rain the other day. I just stood at the back door and watched it for a while. I hope we don't catch up in a single tropical storm.

peter d said...

Here in the MS Delta we have the bizarre problem of being in a drought even though we were flooded just last month. That, of course, was due to the rain up north washing down the Mississippi River and up the Yazoo. We went nearly a month without rain but have gotten about 2 1/2 inches this week.