Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is the most affectionate baby ever

(Photo quality is low because I took it with Erik's webcam.)

Marie gives hugs.  I don't remember any of her sisters doing this at such a young age.  They're not "real" hugs like her older sisters give but she will grab on to me and snuggle against my shoulder/neck for a few seconds, so I can't think of what else to call them.  It's amazingly sweet.

A good story:

Erik and I go to Taco Cabana for lunch and newspaper-reading most Sundays.  The same elderly man is always there to clean.  I get the impression he does not speak much English, but in this city it hardly matters. 

We were there this morning, and almost ready to leave so I was nursing Marie (after a nice baby breakfast of part of a tortilla and some rice-and-beans) while Erik put sugar into coffee for me and I flipped through the SA Life section of the paper, and the old man came up to us.  He said to Erik that I reminded him of his wife.

He said that his mother had had eight boys and five girls, and gave all of them the breast, and that his wife had had three girls and three boys and had nursed all of them as well.  He went on to say how good it is for the baby, that it helps them to grow up big and strong.  He said that he could tell she was breastfed just by looking at her, because babies who are nursed are fat but sturdy.  (I've heard this elsewhere, by the way, but I can't tell a difference.)

It was pretty cool, especially given that I'm still stewing over the crap from church. 


Anonymous said...

Love those baby hugs! I only have n=1 each but for me it was a girl thing, Anna gave hugs very early but our son Daniel only snuggled if he was sick. My gender theory is shot by your observation so must just be a personality thing.

Borepatch said...

This post is filled with Win. While I'm glad my boys are growing up, I must say that I get wistful for when they were little. The Mrs. even more so.