Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday Song #2

Like I said, I want to make this a regular thing.

Today we've got the Barenaked Ladies.  When it comes to them, the song I know best is the one everybody does--"One Week", which was a huge hit for them in 1998.  On any other day, in fact, I'd go with that video, old as it is, but I thought of this post yesterday and was having such an ennui-laden time of things then that I'm moving up a whole two years and going with "Pinch Me", from 2000.  Again, not anything approaching an unknown track if you listen to rock music (or alt.rock, I guess, since that's what Wikipedia tells me BNL is)--it hit #15 on Billboard's chart. 

As I alluded to, it's a very ennui-laden song, featuring a bit of an existential crisis.  Definitely a universal thing, which is probably why it was so popular--who hasn't felt as though no one would notice if they left at some point in their lives?  So it's not exactly a cheerful song, but there are bits of humor in it ("I just made you say underwear"), which I also find appealing. 

And it's also the sort of thing that makes a person feel old...When you realize what you think of as the best rock music was all released a decade or more ago.  I know, I know, I'm 31.  It's silly to talk about being old.  But your thirties are the first time in your life you can talk about stuff that happened fifteen years ago and not be telling stories about your childhood.  It's the first time in your life you can look back at 10 years ago and be a grownup in your memories (dude, I've been legal drinking age for a decade now).

I have to stop and think and say to myself "Were we still in Connecticut when this song came out?  Let me check the release date...Nope, we were in Virginia by then."  This song came out the month XH & I moved to Virginia, in fact.  So yeah, not only was I a grownup when this song came out, I was of legal drinking age (it was released 10 days after my birthday), and I had been married more than a year and a half. 

Oy, my aching hips!  (Not really.  As far as joints go, it's my left knee that gives me hell.)

Anyhow, on to the video, and yes that is Eric McCormick in one scene.  Argh, just realized I can't embed it.  Ah well, I'm not wasting a typed-out post, but I will be double-checking on that next time!

Barenaked Ladies--"Pinch Me"

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