Friday, April 01, 2011


I don't walk around with a rabbit's foot, or worry about opening an umbrella indoors, and I think black cats make great pets unless you are wearing white clothes.  Nevertheless, I am superstitious.

I have this thing about talking about stuff before it has happened.  I don't know exactly why, but it seems as though every time I speak of something I am anticipating, it doesn't go off as planned.  This dates back to childhood, I think, though I cannot recall any specific instances offhand, I have the general feeling I learned this superstition back then.  (Aren't they all that way?)

I think circumspection is a good habit to cultivate.  It just looks bad to talk about things and then have them not appear.  Why the hell does it bother me how something so completely random looks?  I couldn't say.  Probably because if it bothers me that things are talked about and then never materialize, so I figure it probably bugs everyone else too.

This is part of the reason why, before we moved, I didn't talk about our rental search.  I didn't talk about any of the other houses we looked at, and I didn't talk about this house before we started moving stuff in (actually, looking back at my posts from July of last year, I can see I didn't mention moving at all, save in passing).  And that is because I was afraid that, if I talked about it, it would not happen.  And I badly wanted it to happen.

So if you've noticed that Erik talks about his ongoing job search (by the way, he is working, it's just that the job sucks) and I haven't made a peep about any of it...Yeah, that's why.  Especially since it seems my superstition is holding true.


Mattexian said...

I don't blame you for this one, I tend to jinx myself a lot, with something I'm looking forward to getting or going to, by talking about it. Maybe it's that you psyche yourself up so much that you can't help anticipating, and are more let down when other things interfere. Certainly I tend to clam up when I'm shopping for a certain gun, tho I was so excited a couple months ago, I couldn't help but talk with work buddies about looking forward to having a shiny new AK-47. Then when my tax refund finally came in and I went to the gunne shoppe, they made some calls and I found out they couldn't find any like I'd had my heart set on (in my case, one with a folding stock), and I ended up walking out with a 106-year-old Chilean Mauser carbine. (Which wasn't so bad, I'd had my eye out for one, as I'm very interested in the Anglo-Boer War, and this was identical to the rifles that the Boers used.)

TBeck said...

Let's have a nice long chat about how much you are looking forward to another term for Obomba>