Tuesday, April 19, 2011

About what you'd expect

Saw this linked on the wall of a breastfeeding support page I'm a fan of  on Facebook:

I noticed the glaring grammatical error in the link and decided to click over and check that it was there n the page itself...It is.  And the whole thing is about what you'd expect from a group with that name.  I think this photo is my favorite:

Let's all work hard to keep the stereotypes of young mothers in pace, mmkay?


minimedic said...

I'd venture to say she was wearing the same outfit around the time of conception, but that would be rather judgemental of me, would it not?

kx59 said...

heh, what minimedic said...
The estimated date of conception and birth have a plus or minus margin of error of about two weeks don't they?

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious if she actually named her child "Coilin". I always thought "coilin" was something you do to a length of rope, not a small child.


Word Verification: devatiot

How she would spell the combination of "deviant" and "tot" that the child will turn into if he actually is named "Coilin".