Thursday, March 17, 2011

Year before last...

Early in the morning of 15th October 2009, Erik stood beside me in a hotel room in Columbus & showed me the gun he'd brought with him, a kind of excited half-smile on his face.

Five months and two days later, in the company of some feral cats and random folks eating lunch in their vehicles, we stood at the banks of the Colorado River in Columbus and got hitched.

I'll spare you the math.  That was a year (and 12 hours, more or less) ago today.

I was driving home from HEB with Linda this evening, in the truck, and for some reason that scene I mentioned above popped into my head, and I giggled like a schoolgirl (well, like a schoolgirl who isn't me, anyhoo--when I was a schoolgirl, giggling usually involved snorting iced tea through my nose).

The really neat thing?  I am just as amazed by him today as I was one year, five months, two days, and a few hours ago.  He kinda rocks.

Happy Anniversary, babe.  Let's not announce another pregnancy to Facebook today. ;-)


BobG said...

Happy anniversary to you both.

peter said...

Happy anniversary. Glad you found a good guy.

Albatross said...

Good for you both.

WV = fachype. The hype they make about Facbook.