Saturday, March 19, 2011

Randomly Amusing

Fuck Yeah, English Major Armadillo

I have paper due later today that will require me to use APA style for the first time ever.  Even my Psychology professors, until now, have preferred MLA format.

Fuck Yeah, English Major Armadillo is alternately amusing and infuriating for me.  Apparently, it takes much less to be an English major these days.  (You'll note, if you click the link, that I have inserted a comma into the blog's title because it simply reads better that way.)  While the mods of the blog are usually technically correct, sometimes they write incredibly clunky sentences:

I’m constantly adding commas and apostrophes on sheets I get given.


I also get the distinct impression some of these folks are idiot savants, given how many memes I've seen with some allusion to difficulty in any non-literature class (nope, I don't flunk anything involving numbers), and while I'm drawing wild conclusions about folks based upon their silly, open-to-submissions blog, it seems they also hang around stupid people, if the "Use literary allusion in one understands" posts are to be believed.  Also, the whole endeavor is just as idiotically liberal as one would expect, complete with a very earnest discussion on how "their" and "they" are improper singular, gender-neutral pronouns (this is inaccurate, though not the usage I prefer) and we should, instead, use neologisms such as "hir" and "xe".

Ah, well.  Over all, it is enjoyable.  Though I feel really, really old every time I come across a ZOMG JK ROWLING IS GOD! post anywhere(I tried reading one of the Harry Potter books once.  It was so bad I didn't make it past the first page.  Very, very simplistic writing.)


DyLinn said...

OMG!!! I've been following you for awhile now, and have really enjoyed "getting to know you." I've been too shy to comment until now, but you have offended me greatly with this last post!! JK is GOD!! How could you NOT LIKE HP!?!?! I may just have to quit reading your blog now!!

:) Just kidding, of course. I do love the Harry Potter books, but simplistic is right up my alley. I did, however, want to say hello, and let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for putting it out there!


Sabra said...

I would have insulted JK Rowling much earlier if I'd known it would prompt you to comment. ;-)

I really think it's a generational thing; most of the decade-younger people I attend college with love her, but they were in Harry Potter's target age group when the books came out, so that's completely understandable.

Thank you for the kind words.

Mad Jack said...

Insult JK Rowling all you like - she cries all the way to the bank. By her own admission JK wrote about the adventures of Harry Potter for profit. I admire her for that reason.

I like reading Harry Potter for the same reasons I enjoy watching commercial television instead of having my teeth drilled, plowing through badly written history texts or interacting with governmental bureaucracy; one beats the other.

now im al like OMG!!!!!! c wht ritng dz 2 me????

Anonymous said...

I remember when the HP books had just gotten to be all the rage. And I remember asking, "Why are adults reading books aimed at kids?"

Mattexian said...

Anybody using "hir" and "xe" deserve to be tazed. Repeatedly. (I presume those are supposed to be non-gender-specific substitutes for his/hers and he/she, without going the "their" route, for a single person.)